About Us

SERVICES AND SUPPLIES FENIX LLC provides high quality services, materials and equipment; guaranteeing our customer´s total satisfaction and personalized service, achieving the best benefits for shareholders, employees and the community in which we work, as well as the preservation of the environment; complying with the standards, specifications and laws applied to Gas, Oil, Heavy, Industrial Construction, Mining, Metallurgical and Petrochemical industries for North, South and Central America.

Our representatives attend daily needs of our customers, responding to emergencies, locating materials and equipment required anywhere in the world, and also managing their transport by air, land or sea

SERVICES AND SUPPLIES FENIX LLC, has developed a close relationship with producers and distributors that guarantee competitive prices and prompt deliveries.

We seek to become trusted partners of each of our clients, establishing agreements and alliances to ensure mutual benefit in both operating and financing, achieving its strategic projects through our services, products and joint participation with a highly qualified personnel and techniques, systems and more advanced equipment in the market.

We invite you to enjoy the advantages in terms of quality of services and products, which are mainly based on our commitment and experience.